Doug Peeler, BBQ Chairperson


Saturday, May 4, 2019
10:00am – 4:00pm




Every year some of your fellow SDMG members willingly give some of their time during the Annual Barbeque to make everything happen. This year won't you join us ?!

A couple of volunteers are needed most urgently to manage:

Ugly Rock Contest

Additional Volunteers are needed in the following positions:

Saturday Morning Set-Up
Greeters / Hospitality Booth
BBQ Take Down

Please sign up for a volunteer position at the SDMG Clubhouse
OR Contact Doug Peeler, Barbeque Chairperson at
or text him at 619-244-0757.



  • Location:
  • Lawn at SW corner of Park Blvd. and President's Way. Ample parking.
  • Schedule:
  • BBQ Set-up, 7:30–10:00am
    BBQ Activities, 10:00am–4:00pm
    Eating, noon–1:00pm

  • Catered Lunch:
  • The Barbeque Pit. Menu includes sliced beef and chicken (instead of ham), cole slaw, beans, potato salad, dinner roll, cookies and brownies.
    Water and soda will be available to purchase separately for $1 each.
    Tickets must be purchased in advance.

  • BBQ Lunch Tickets:
  • Available now at Village Silversmiths in the SDMG Bldg.; from some instructors; at the SDMG Board Meeting on 4/15; and the General Meeting on 4/22.

  • Ticket Prices:
  • Adults: $15.00, Kids 12 & under: $7.00

  • Seller's Tables:
  • Bring your own tables, sell rock-related items.
    Donate $15.00 to participate

  • Silent Auction:
  • Bring up to 15 rock-related items to sell, with 10% of the proceeds going to SDMG.




The Spring Barbeque and Silent Auction is one of SDMG's biggest annual events.  There will be fun.  There will be more sellers than ever, with tables of rocks, slabs, faceting rough, tools, books. And there will be catered food, courtesy of The Barbecue Pit.  The menu features sliced beef and chicken (instead of ham), cole slaw, beans, potato salad, dinner roll, cookies and brownies for dessert.

But wait, there's more!  There will be a Raffle Prize Drawing and a B-I-G Silent Auction.  Bring up to 15 rock-related items to sell, with 10% of the proceeds going to SDMG.  Last, but not least, there will be the ever-popular Ugly Rock Contest.



What, pray tell, is an UGLY ROCK CONTEST?  Although there are actually some folks out there who don't believe there is any such thing as an ugly rock, trust us, there is, and it will be your mission to prove them wrong!  No, we are not kidding; there is prize money involved.  First, there is the just plain Ugly category.  Nothing has been done to it, it's just a rock that only Mother Nature could love. It's all about finding that rock whose intrinsic ugliness shines like a beacon.  The Mimic Rock is more specialized, having to be not only as ugly a refrigerator repair man's behind, but also look like something identifiable.  Of course, the something it looks like is usually disgusting and gross, but this is a family event, so the name has to be clean.  The Embellished Rock category is an exercise in gilding the lily, er, rock.  As the name implies, the proud owner of an ugly rock actually decorates it in the style of his or her choice in order to enhance it.  The hardest part is picking a silly name.  It can take weeks, so start now.  Enter your rock between 10 and noon on the day of the BBQ.  Voting occurs during lunch, and winners are announced around 2:00 pm.


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