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December 4th & 5th, 2015
By Jim Parrish





Another great December Nights with lots of happy people and tired children.  Our Volunteers worked into the wee hours of the morning.  The museum, sales area and shop were busy as usual with visitors and customers.  In preparation for the event, Angela and Garry Cannon, Sally and Jim Parrish helped prepare items for sale and cleaned the museum.  Then, Lois Lukasky, Jill Williamson, Dave Smith, and Debbie Clough came in and decorated, followed by Lois and Bonnie Zeranski, who set up the potluck food area for Volunteers.  This all took several days.  Thanks, to all those who brought food to share.  (Paul, next year a little less spice would suffice.)

The sales booth was operated by Volunteers Mike Harlow, Doug Peeler, Lois Lukasky, Rocio Bergum, Jill Williamson, Angela and Garry Cannon, Rhonda Epstein, and Jim Parrish.  Our shop area was kept open by numerous Volunteer elves who included Paul Williams, David Lipson, Bob Hancock, and Rich Yarbrough.  I'm sure I missed someone, so, I apologize and thank you for your time and effort.

When it was all over, I believe everyone had a good time and slept late the next two days to make up for the lack of sleep. It was all worth it!  This event would not have be possible without all the generous donations we receive on a continuous basis.  A special thanks to all of you who donated time and materials to make this event such a success.

Happy New Year.



December 21, 2015





Rocio Bergum organized a great holiday feast at our traditional Balboa Park venue in Room 101 at the Casa del Prado.  SDMG members gathered one last time in 2015 to share a cup of kindness and jigger of cheer, some fabulous home-cooked food, and auld lang syne.  There were lots of guests and the tables were laden high with turkey, ham, all the trimmings and lots of confectionary treats. 

At the Christmas Potluck SDMG President Paul Williams presented to Jim Mellos a specially engraved plaque to show the Club's appreciation for his thirteen years of service as SDMG Field Trip Leader (2000–2013).  In equal measure, due to Jim's knack for leading some memorable collecting adventures and his great sense of fun and good humor, field trips were extremely popular Club activities during his tenure.  The Club deeply appreciates Jim's contribution.

Simon King and Gladys Walker once again organized the Door Prize Drawings, while Anne Schafer ran the Silent Auction with the help of volunteers Letty Evans, Sally Parrish and Angie CannonJane Roush oversaw the Christmas Tree Ornament Contest.  There were only eight entries this year, but they were great.  Angie Cannon took First Place and $10.  Delores Wheeler got really creative and really busy – she entered five ornaments and won both Second and Third Place for combined winnings totaling $6.

Warm thanks to one and all for participating, with an extra helping of thanks to the members who always seem to contribute countless hours and a lot of effort to ensure that our annual events are a success:  Donna Casey, Cathy Davis, Sharon Griswold, Mike Harlow, Lee Jackson, Simon King, Betty Jo Lively, Lois Lukasky, Jim and Sally Parrish, Anne Schafer and Wayne Moorhead, Marty Roks, Jane Roush, Gladys Walker, Jill Williamson.

All the Best for a Happy New Year.




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