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Articles: Editorials, Op-Eds
and Desert District Advisory Council (DAC) Reports

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Federal Register notices and comment letters

Mojave Trails National Monument Management Plan (MTNM Plan)
Authors: SDMG, et al.
Comment letter (115 pages).

Copy of letter with 19 signatories submitted via post and email to BLM for the scoping period ending July 5, 2023 on the CDCA Plan amendment and monument management plan for Mojave Trails.


Mojave Trails National Monument Plan Community Alternative
Authors: The Wilderness Society, CalWild, Conservation Lands Foundation, and Mojave Desert Land Trust
August 2022
(149 pages).

A proposed monument management plan for Mojave Trails which had the support of VetVoice Foundation, Californians for Western Wilderness, Morongo Basin Conservation Association, California Native Plant Society, Audubon California, and California Desert Coalition. The proposed plan explicitly calls for the accommodation of rockhounding in Mojave Trails. About nine of these conservation groups, including CalWild, attached and incorporated by reference this alternative plan to their comment letters for the scoping on the monument management plan ending July 5, 2023.


Comments for Aug 7, 2021 DAC meeting
Authors: Lisbet Thoresen, et al.
Comment letter (2 pages).

Copy of letter submitted to BLM/DAC via email posted on SDMG website
Comment letter/questions submitted for the DAC meeting record on behalf of Rockhound advocates regarding WMRNP and DRECP reconciliation; DRECP accommodations for hobby collecting; and support for creation of a DAC subgroup on Mojave Trails National Monument. The letter is on the SDMG website at:
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Author: Southern California Paleontological Society (SCPS).
GSENM-KEPA RMPs-EIS Vol. 1-508. Comment letter on BLM's draft for Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and Kanab-Escalante Planning Area Draft Resource Management Plans (RMPs) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).


Draft WMRNP LUPA/DSEIS [Docket: 2018-05272]
Authors: Kim Erb, Lisbet Thoresen, Jim Parrish, Andrew Hoekstra
Comment letter (11 pages).

Copy of letter submitted to BLM via email posted on SDMG website
Comment letter submitted to BLM on behalf of Rockhounds on the Draft Land Use Plan Amendment (LUPA) and Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) for the West Mojave Route Network Project (WMRNP) within the West Mojave (WEMO) Planning Area of the California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA). The letter (with redactions) is on the SDMG website at:
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WMRNP: BLM response to request for comment period extension
Author: California BLM Director Jerome Perez
BLM response to May 30 letter from Cohen et al. requesting 90-day extension on WMRNP comment period to September 12, 2018. Request denied. June 14th deadline reaffirmed.
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WMRNP: Request to BLM to extend comment period 90 days
Author: Sheara Cohen, The Wilderness Society, et al.
Comment letter co-signed by 39 individuals and organizations, including eight rockhounds and one paleontological society.
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BLM proposal to open DRECP to plan-level review
Author: SDMG et al
Comment letter co-signed by 10 gem-mineral societies and 14 rockhound advocates opposed to opening DRECP to review.
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DAC Reinstatement
Author: SDMG.
Request to reinstate the Desert District Advisory Council meetings.
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RAC Reinstatement
Authors: 71 DOI Resource Advisory Committee members.
Request to reinstate the meetings and activities of the Resource Advisory Councils.
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Author: Southern California Paleontological Society (SCPS).
Docket No. NPS–2016–0003. RIN 1093-AA-16. Comment on proposed Rule on Paleontological Resources Preservation Act of 2009.

SCPS's letter had 61 signatories, including SDMG.
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DRECP Transitioning to Implementation
Author: BLM
Interim draft report presented at DAC mtg, 2/23/2017
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Authors: SDMG and CFMS.
San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Plan and Land Management Plan Amendment #46964
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Author: SDMG
DRECP NEPA/CEQA [Docket: 09‐ RENEW EO‐01]. Comment letter (48 pages).

Docketed on DRECP website »
A clean scan of the identical letter is on the SDMG website at:
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Public Representatives & Federal and State Agencies
on National Monuments

Nat'l Monuments Review
Author: 24 members of Congress
Letter to President Trump with recommendations on recissions to 27 National Monuments, including five in California.
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Rockhounding in Nat'l Monuments
Author: Senator Dianne Feinstein
Letter to DOI Secretary Sally Jewell in support of rockhounds.
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